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Shenzhen Jinyihe Technology Co., Ltd.

Non Disclosure Agreement



This Agreement is made as on the date of last signature below.


  • (Below called part A)                                          


  • (Below called B) Shenzhen Jinyihe technologies co., Ltd.

Add: Building 9, first floor,Hengmingzhu Science,Shajing Street shenzhen


Party B may become the supplier of party A's relevant cooperation, and party A may provide party B with relevant confidential information. In order to protect the confidentiality of party A's information and ensure that party A's information is only used by party B in carrying out party A's appointed cooperation project, the following agreement is made after consultation between both parties:


1. Secret information

(1). The confidential information referred to in this agreement means that party A or its agents, employees and trustees speak or write the confidential information

Party B shall disclose, deliver, present or permit party B to know or obtain information about party A or its partners or customers

The confidential information of the household does not depend on whether the information is made of words, sounds, graphics, drawings, physical samples or any other form, whether or not it is stored in book or electronic version.

(2). When party A or its representatives, agents, employees or other users cooperate with each other, party B shall contact party A during the negotiation, the business content, marketing and product development plan, drawings and facts disclosed by party B regarding party A and its partners. Samples and ideas, including but not limited to the fact and content of cooperation between party a and its partners, shall be deemed Party A's confidential information, no matter in what form it is expressed or attached to any media.


(3). The confidential information referred to this agreement should not include the following information:

a: Confidential, party B can prove in written documents or records that it has been known to or become party B before both parties start to negotiate this project

b: The person in question who has not been found to be involved due to party B's intentional leaks.

c: Confidential information disclosed with written consent of party A

d: In the absence of any violation of this agreement, party B may prove in writing or in record that it has not used party A's confidential information and independently develop the information.

e: Subject to the provisions of the law or the order or request of the court, and necessary disclosure. Subject only to orders or requests from the court


Party B should notify party A in advance and take necessary protective measures within the scope permitted by the decree.


2. Confidentiality obligations


(1). Party B agrees that the confidential information disclosed by party A, or known or obtained by party B as a result of the cooperation plan, should only be evaluated. To evaluate or use for the purpose of future implementation of the cooperation project. Except for the purpose of the cooperation project, party B shall not be himself or herself or the third party. The interests of a person shall be used for other purposes or purposes and shall not be disclosed or provided to any third party in any way. However, party B's current employees, agents, agents or users have signed a confidentiality letter with party B in advance. Confidentiality obligations and obligations of confidentiality shall not be lower than those of this agreement, and the confidential information should be kept confidential in his/her capacity or business Where necessary, this limit shall not apply.If party B violates this article, party A may cancel, terminate or terminate party a and party B at any time. The cooperation, order or contract between the parties shall not be liable for any compensation or compensation to party B, and party A shall have the right to compensate party B. Claim liquidated damages and all losses arising from the disclosure of confidential information.




(2). Party B should provide or disclose the confidential information to its employees, representatives and agents to participate in the cooperation plan as agreed in the preceding paragraph. If necessary, it shall be guaranteed that such personnel shall likewise comply with the obligations of party B in accordance with this agreement. Any violation of this agreement by the personnel shall be deemed as party B's own act and shall be liable.

(3). Party B agrees that the confidential information disclosed by party A or known to or obtained by party B as a result of the cooperation plan shall be communicated with party A. Other data areas are kept apart to avoid confusion.If party B has not obtained the written consent of party A in advance, it shall not reverse interpret secret information. Party B shall take the following precautions and take necessary and appropriate measures to maintain its confidentiality:

a. The duty of party B to protect its precious materials or property;

b. The use by a similar business manufacturer or company to protect its confidential information is generally justified.

c. If party B discovers that any person improperly USES confidential information, party B should notify party a immediately and help party A so that party A can retrieve the confidential information that has been improperly used or prevent the situation of improper use from continuing.

3. The validity and ownership of the agreement


(1). The confidential information disclosed or provided by party a as a result of the cooperation plan shall be entitled to the ownership, expertise or ownership of the drawings, samples and other data;

(2). The confidential information disclosed or provided by party A as a result of the cooperation plan shall be entitled to the ownership, expertise or ownership of the drawings, samples and other data, knowledge, trade secrets, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights shall remain the property of party A. The secret letters, the information shall not be owned by party B due to disclosure or provision to party B or the signing of this agreement;Party B will not take it, any authorization or other legal right to confidential information. Party A shall not designate party A solely for the purpose of signing this agreement, the relevant drawings, samples, patents or other intellectual property rights are authorized to party B.



(3). Without prior written permission of party A, party B shall not reproduce or photocopy party A's disclosure or provision of the cooperation plan in any way secret information. Party B shall not decide to carry out the cooperation plan at the request of party A, the completion of the cooperation or the cooperation at the latest after the termination of the relationship or within 10 working days after the arrival of party A's written notice, party B shall bear the expenses and return all the expenses, the original and copy of party A's confidential information. Party A may also require party B to destroy the confidential information or delete; Party B shall issue immediately a letter of settlement to party A, stating that it has completed the fact after the destruction or deletion is completed.

4. Other agreement

(1). Party A shall not be obliged to disclose or provide any specific confidential information to party B due to the signing of this agreement, it does not guarantee the integrity or correctness of the information provided or disclosed by the cooperation plan. Party B also affirms that confidential information is necessary can contain errors such as printing errors, miscalculations, omissions, or other forms of errors. Based on this, if party B finds out the said error shall be notified to party A voluntarily to maintain the correctness of the information provided by party A.

(2). In one of the following circumstances, party a terminates this contract by written notice:

a. Party B violates any provisions of this agreement. However, if party A deems that the violation is minor, party A shall first set a time limit ask party B to improve .

b. Party B is unable to pay its daily expenses, stop its normal business or apply for bankruptcy or similar procedures.

c. Party B transfers over 50% of its existing assets to a third party.

d. Party B shall merge or merge with a third party.

e. Party B violates the provisions of article 2, paragraph 1 of this agreement.

f. Party B or any employee, representative or agent of party B who has been informed of confidential information in his/her position or business reasonable persons, users, or persons necessary to participate in the scheme are guilty of fraud, false representation, breach of confidentiality or otherwise a person who has been prosecuted by a judicial organ for a similar crime.



(3). Party B fully recognizes the urgent need of party A to protect relevant confidential information, so if party A finds party b or its employees,representatives, agents, users and other necessary persons involved in the cooperation plan have disclosed information and passed the property Party B agrees to waive and discard party A's advance if the preservation procedures, such as stopping and stopping the infringement, are provided with real-time relief Party A may release the obligation to provide guarantee and request the court to make the above decision.

(4). Any provision in this agreement shall be deemed null and void if it is in conflict with the law;Its invalidity shall be limited to those parts that contravene the law, other parts of this agreement shall not be affected.

(5). The parties shall not enter into partnership, employment or mutual agency under this agreement.Except for the formal signing of the cooperation plan. Any discussions and disclosure of confidential information for the purpose of negotiating the cooperation plan other than the purchase, entrustment or cooperation contract, neither party shall be construed as having reached or committed to the cooperation plan.

(6). The waiver, limitation, transfer, addition, deletion, amendment or modification of rights and obligations shall be legally granted by party A and party B. The representative of power shall be subject to the document signed in person.Neither party shall transfer this agreement without the consent of both parties. This agreement shall also bind the successors and administrators of either party.

(7). The confidentiality obligation of this agreement shall remain in force for a long time from the effective date. The relieve, termination, revocation, invalidation or non-establishment of a business relationship shall be exempted or invalidated.

(8). If party B violates the confidentiality obligation of this agreement, it shall not only be liable for damages according to law, but also pay party A amount CNY500,000 for breach of contract, party B shall bear all expenses incurred by party A for the right to implement this agreement.

(9). If there is anything not mentioned in this agreement, it shall be explained and supplemented in accordance with the local laws of party A. Due to the performance of this agreement or any dispute arising out of non-performance shall be negotiated in good faith. If no agreement can be reached through negotiation, both parties agree to submit the dispute to the party A's local people's court shall handle the matter according to law.



5. Supplementary articles

(1). This agreement shall come into force upon being signed by both parties.

(2). This agreement is made in two originals, one held by each party.



Party A:                                                                                                    Party B: Shenzhen Jinyihe technologies co., Ltd 

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