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  • Shenzhen Jinyihe Technology Co., Ltd.
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50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance

Place of Origin China
Brand Name rapid prototype casting
Certification ISO9001 Certificate of quality system/16949
Model Number Customized
Minimum Order Quantity 10 piece
Price USD 5-100 pieces,negotiable
Packaging Details 1.Use boxes made of corrugated cardboard,Wrap with bubbles facing inward or Custom wooden cases larger than 25KG. 2.Custom blister box.
Delivery Time 9-15 works day
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability 100000 piecs one weeks

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Product Details
Surface Finish Polished , Transparent , Glossy Paint , Soft-touch , Silk-screen Printing , Pad Printing , Soft-touch Keyword Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototype And Silicone Rapid Prototyping
Material ABS , PC (Polycarbonate) , PMMA (Acrylic) And Can Be Customized Tolerance +/- 0.1mm And As Your Requested
Mould Life 50-100 Shots,based On Your Product's Size And Structure Color Any Color,As Your Required
High Light

100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping


Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm

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Product Description

Vacuum Casting For Silicone Rapid Prototyping And Urethane Casting Rapid Casting





Vacuum Casting ​:



  Reliable vacuum casting service for prototypes and low-volume production parts at competitive pricing. Highly detailed elastomer parts with excellent quality and faster turnarounds.Vacuum casting, also known as urethane casting or polyurethane casting, is a cost-effective method for producing high-quality parts using soft silicone molds instead of traditional metal injection molds. It's ideal for small production runs and early-stage product development. Learn about the process, materials, and its advantages and limitations in this brief guide.



50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 01.Rapid prototyping
       and full-scale production


50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 02.Used in over
       30 countries


50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 03.ISO accredited
       & QC checks


50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 04.FREE Instant



The advantages of Urethane Casting​:


  • Suitable for Small Production Runs
  • Achieves Consistent Self-Colored Parts
  • Minimal InitiaInvestment Required
  • Delivers Production-Quality Components
  • Wide Array of Material Options
  • Enables Creation of Rubber-Like Parts and Over molds


Urethane Casting​ Tolerance Guidelines:



Part size / dimension Tolerance Angularity
< 11’’ (300 mm) ± .005’’ (0.125 mm) ± 0.5°
< 24’’ (600 mm) ± .010’’ (0.250 mm) ± 1.0°
< 36’’ (900 mm) ± 1/16’’ (0.400 mm)

± 1.0°




Size limitations for Urethane Casting:










Maximum part dimensions



2000 x 800 x 850 mm



Minimum wall thickness



0.65 mm (recommended wall thickness 1.5 mm)



Duplication quantities



20-30 copies (depend complexity of the mold and casting materials)





Vacuum Casting Process


   Creating polyurethane vacuum cast parts involves three main steps: master pattern creation,

mold fabrication, and part casting.




50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 4

1. Master Pattern Creation:


   Crafting patterns from your CAD designs is the initial step. These 3D solids are made through CNC machining or 3D plastic printing like SLA/SLS. You can provide patterns or let us create them. Patterns should endure up to 40°C heat.


2. Mold Fabrication:


   Liquid silicone forms the casting molds. It's poured around the master pattern within a casting box, cured in an oven for 16 hours. Afterward, the mold is opened, and the master pattern is removed, yielding a negative cavity mirroring the original. Our silicone molds typically yield around 20 copies of the master pattern.





How does vacuum casting work?


The process involves 3 main stages:

  • Building a master model
  • Creating the silicone tool and
  • Producing the parts



Building a master model:


To achieve precise results in vacuum casting, start with a top-notch master model. Crafted via 3D printing or CNC machining, it's meticulously refined for ideal surface texture and detail replication.


50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 5


Creating the silicone mould tool:


Create precise silicone molds by encasing the master model in a casting box filled with liquid silicone. Maintain a 40°C temperature for 8-16 hours until the silicone sets. Once cured, cut open the mold to reveal a perfect fit for your master model.

50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 6


Producing the parts:


Fill the hollow mold with polyurethane (PU) resin through a funnel to ensure even distribution and prevent air bubbles. Seal the mold and let it cure at 70°C in a casting machine. After cooling, remove the shaped material, and perform any required post-processing. Typically, this process can be repeated 10-20 times before the mold's shape starts to deteriorate, affecting accuracy.



50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 7



Our Vacuum Casting Services


   Experience high-quality production parts with Vacuum Casting, also known as Urethane or Polyurethane casting. At JYH, we offer a vast selection of plastic materials and can cast parts ranging from small headphones to large 2-meter car bumpers. Skip the lengthy lead times and tooling costs – choose Vacuum Casting for efficient solutions.



Our Capabilities





Maximum build size



1.8 x 1.5 x 1.2 m


Typical mould life


10 – 25 parts






Wide range of thermoplastics, rubbers, transparent resins, etc.



Lead time



From as fast as 5 days


Why Choose JYH- precision for Urethane Casting Parts​ Services?



   In the realm of vacuum casting, a multitude of manufacturers are available for selection. Opting for the correct one holds

paramount importance to achieve your anticipated outcomes. Consider the following factors that make JYH Precision machining an ideal

choice for your vacuum casting requirements.



  • Outstanding Quality and Rapid Performance

    At JYH Precision, we believe that quality and speed should go hand in hand. Our approach combines extensive industry expertise with cutting-edge tools and technologies, enabling us to provide top-notch vacuum casting services within tight timelines (usually 5 to 7 days).

  • Enhancing Your Product with Finishing Services

  Vacuum casting is just a part of our capabilities. we provide an array of supplementary finishing services that contribute to bringing your product to its full potential. These services encompass machining, media blasting, printing, painting, and beyond.

  • Smart Quotes Tailored to Your Every Project

   We recognize that your requirements are distinct, and unnecessary expenses are undesirable. Hence, we refrain from imposing minimum order volumes or dollar values for our vacuum casting services. we ensure swift and precise quotes within 1 hours or less for almost all projects.

  • Supporting Design for Manufacturing and Remote Flexibility

  Vacuum casting is frequently utilized for prototyping, we understand that many of the products . To facilitate their refinement, we extend comprehensive design for manufacturing assistance to our clients. 




Vacuum Casting Finishing:



Glossy paint

   High-gloss paint is renowned for its exceptional shine and ability to reflect light, creating a surface finish that imparts a nearly mirror-like appearance to objects.


   This method allows for achieving exceptional transparency and purity in high-purity plastic materials used for components, combined with a polishing process.


   This technique involves the application of a soft-touch coating surface finish to elements like rubberized buttons and coatings. Primarily utilized to enhance the ergonomic comfort of the produce.





   Simple process that apply a color on your parts, we have a large range of colors and style.



Laser Etching


   Utilize laser beams to modify object surface characteristics and personalize components according to your preferences.

Silk Screen printing

   Screen printing serves as a versatile printing method for ink transfer onto surfaces. Operators skillfully employ tools such as paper and a squeegee to execute this process. Additionally, stencils can be utilized strategically to block ink transfer to specific areas. This technique is particularly valuable for creating intricate designs with multiple colors.



   Pad Printing is an innovative technique for imprinting a 2-D image onto a 3-D object. This method involves utilizing an etched plate, often referred to as a cliche, in conjunction with a specialized pad to seamlessly transfer the desired image.




Vacuum Casting Materials







Acrylic-Like is a rigid and uncomplicated polyurethane plastic designed to mimic acrylic (PMMA). It's used to craft components that need some level of translucency, such as light panels, safety screens, and automotive taillights.






ABS-Like is a versatile polyurethane plastic that imitates ABS thermoplastic. Widely used, it's a reliable option suitable for various parts.




Opaque Elastomer


Opaque Elastomer is a polyurethane plastic designed to replicate diverse rubber-like substances such as TPE, TPU, and silicone rubber.








  • What makes JYH’s vacuum casting service unique?


Our vacuum casting service is renowned for its outstanding quality and rapid turnaround.

Our proficient technicians blend decades of expertise with cutting-edge technologies to swiftly

create exceptional prototypes and engineering models. Elevating the appeal of your components

is also within our purview, as we provide an array of finishing services such as machining, media blasting,

printing, painting, and more.


  • Can JYH’s design services, industrial design support or product development support as an extension of its vacuum casting services?


Indeed, as a complement to our vacuum casting services, we provide an extended offering specialized in

design-for-manufacturing support. While this service was previously exclusively available for approved orders,

we have now extended it to all incoming RFQs. Additionally, we are pleased to offer light assembly services

tailored to fulfill your specific requirements


  • What are JYH’s quality standards for its vacuum casting services?


To guarantee the utmost quality for your completed components, our team follows a rigorous quality control procedure.

This initiates with the validation and thorough testing of all materials. Throughout the production phase, we vigilantly manage

variables such as temperature, humidity, and other processing conditions, aiming to uphold unparalleled uniformity in your parts.




Shipping way:



50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 8


QC checking before ship the product:


50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 9


Payment term:



50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 10




After service:



50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 11



Package method:


50-100 Shots Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping 0.1mm Tolerance 12


Vacuum Casting For Silicone Rapid Prototyping And Urethane Casting Rapid Casting,JYH is your best injection mold supplier!

Injection Moulding is highly repeatab.