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  • Shenzhen Jinyihe Technology Co., Ltd.
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Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts With Hard Anodized / Hardness HV250 - HV 350 Service

Place of Origin China
Brand Name JYH Precision Machining
Certification ISO9001 Certificate of quality system/16949
Model Number Stainless Steel 304L/316L/P20 carbon steel
Minimum Order Quantity 1 piece
Price USD 20-100 pieces,negotiable
Packaging Details Use boxes made of corrugated cardboard,Wrap with bubbles facing inward or Custom wooden cases larger than 25KG.
Delivery Time 2-5 works day
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability 1000 piecs one weeks

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Product Details
Name CNC Machined Stainless Steel Parts Surface Finish Anodized, Polishing , Zinc Plating , Anodizing , Powder Coating
Service OEM Precision CNC Machining And Oem Cnc Stainless Steel Rapid Prototype Metal Machining Tolerance Request +/- 0.001mm To +/- 0.005mm
Material Availabel Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Steel Alloys, Copper Product Size As Drawings Or Samples
Process Cnc Machining + Deburrs , Turning , Milling MOQ At Least 1 Pcs
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Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts


SS CNC Cutting Parts

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Product Description

Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts With Hard Anodized / Hardness HV250 - HV 350 Service




Stainless steel parts provide excellent machinability, workability, and uniformity, and are resistant to corrosion and oxidation.


Our industrial CNC machining stainless steel provide parts made directly from the customer’s 3D drawings, reducing the

likelihood of errors. Proprietary software automates toolpath generation to decrease manufacturing times and reduce costs.

Precision machining makes sense when you need lower quantities with higher part requirements.

Lead times still can be as few as 10 days.


Quality Documentation
►Certificate of Conformance (CoC) to customer specifications
►First Article Inspections (FAIs)
►Material certification and heat lot numbers

Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts With Hard Anodized / Hardness HV250 - HV 350 Service 0



The tolerance of CNC Machining For Stainless Steel Parts


Linear dimension
+/- 0.025 mm
+/- 0.001 inch

Hole diameters (not reamed) +/- 0.025 mm
+/- 0.001 inch

Shaft diameters +/- 0.025 mm
+/- 0.001 inch

Part size limit 900 * 700 *650 mm
38.0 * 22.5 * 22.5 inch




As a general rule, stainless deserves consideration if your engineering project requires at least one of these three qualities:



  • A shiny, beautiful appearance
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • Strength at various temperatures

Here’s a stainless steel grades chart so you can get the most out of the metal for your project:








3CR12 Ferritic Useful corrosion resistance, particularly in wet abrasion environments. Readily welded and formed. Tanks, flues, bins, chutes, rail wagons
301 Austenitic Combination of strength and ductility to withstand severe forming methods. Corrosion resistance comparable to 302. Rail cars, automotive components
302 Austenitic Excellent corrosion resistance. High strength and hardness. Food and drink, sanitary, cryogenic and pressure applications
303 Austenitic Addition of sulfur or selenium gives it best machinability of all austenitic grades, but reduces corrosion resistance compared to 304. Nuts and bolts, aircraft fittings and gears, bushings






Slightly magnetic when cold worked. Excellent corrosion resistance but susceptible to pitting corrosion in warm chloride environments. Excellent toughness


Accounts for 50% of all stainless steel produced.

Architecture, kitchens, food processing





Austenitic Same mechanical and physical properties as 304 but more resistant to pitting corrosion, especially in warm chloride environments. Virtually non-magnetic. Marine architectural components, food processing, hot water systems
317L Austenitic Improved corrosion resistance over 316. 317L is a variation of 317 suitable for heavy-gauge welding. Pulp and paper machinery, ink and dying processes, acetic acid distillation
321 Austenitic Titanium-stabilized. Aircraft, heat exchangers (up to intermediate temperatures)
400 Ferritic Corrosion resistance comparable to 409, better surface finish Caskets, applications requiring better finish than 409
409, Aluminized 409 Ferritic Resists atmospheric and automotive exhaust gas corrosion. Aluminized version adds salt and cosmetic corrosion resistance. Auto exhaust systems, heat exchangers, furnace liners
410, 410H Martensitic Resists dry atmospheres, freshwater, mild alkalis and acids, steam, and hot gases. Must harden for best heat and corrosion resistance. 410H has better hardenability. Bolts, nuts, screws, pump parts and shafts, turbine parts, mine ladder rungs, cutlery, rulers, cold heading
420, 420HC Martensitic Good resistance in hardened condition to atmosphere. Higher-carbon grade. HC offers better hardenability. Cutlery, stainless steel hospital equipment, needle valves
430, 430F Ferritic Good combination of corrosion resistance, formability, mechanical properties. 430F is suitable for high-speed machining, but corrosion resistance is lower. Automotive trim, refrigerator doors, element supports, cold-headed fasteners
431 Martensitic Excellent resistance to wide variety of corrosive media, approaching that of 304. High tensile, torque strength. Pump and boat shafts, nuts, bolts, marine hardware
434 Ferritic Molybdenum use improves pitting resistance over 430. Automotive trim components
439 Ferritic Titanium-stabilized. 18% chrome alloy with low carbon content. Corrosion resistance to variety of oxidizing environments. Pitting corrosion resistance. Nuclear, automotive, power generation, chemical processing, consumer appliances
440 Martensitic High-carbon, moderate corrosion resistance, superior strength and hardness. Knives, ball bearings, gauge blocks, dies
444 Ferritic Resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and stress cracking. Water heaters, engine components, solar panels
904L Austenitic ‘Super austenitic’ grade with very high corrosion resistance, especially to strong acids and chlorides. Sulphuric acid service
2205 Ferritic/
About 50% ferrite and 50% austenitic. High strength and hardness. Resistant to erosion, fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, and pitting and crevice corrosion. Marine, chemical, and petrochemical industries
41003 Ferritic Excellent weldability, toughness, and fabricating characteristics Tubing for bus frames, hopper cars, chutes, storage tanks, shipping containers
UR52N Ferritic/
‘Super duplex’ grade with exceptional resistance to hot chlorides and sulfides. High in strength. Marine, chemical, and petrochemical industries



Finishing and Post-Processing


►Additional plating


►Basic assembly

►Chromate plating


►Electroless nickel plating

►Part marking


►Powder coating

►Press fit and hardware

►Silk screening


CNC process service flow


Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts With Hard Anodized / Hardness HV250 - HV 350 Service 1



Stainless steel alloy CNC machining has a wide range of applications in many fields.

The following are some common stainless steel CNC machining applications:



1.Manufacturing: Stainless steel alloy is widely used in the manufacturing industry. Through CNC machining,

various stainless steel parts and components can be manufactured, such as mechanical parts, connectors, fixtures,

bearing housings, etc. Stainless steel's corrosion resistance, high strength and wear resistance make it a

commonly used material in manufacturing.



2.Medical devices: Stainless steel also has important applications in the manufacture of medical devices.

Through CNC machining, surgical instruments, implantable instruments, medical equipment enclosures

can be manufactured. Stainless steel's corrosion resistance, high strength and biocompatibility make it ideal for

medical device manufacturing.



3.Automotive industry: The application of stainless steel in automotive manufacturing is also gradually increasing.

Through CNC machining, auto parts can be manufactured, such as exhaust pipes, intake pipes, body structural parts, etc.

Stainless steel's corrosion resistance, high strength and lightweight properties make it an ideal material in the automotive industry.



4.Aerospace industry: The application of stainless steel in the aerospace field has also increased.

Through CNC machining, aerospace parts can be manufactured, such as engine parts, structural parts and so on.

Stainless steel's high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature stability make it suitable for harsh environments

in the aerospace sector.



Advantages and Benefits of Steel CNC Machining:


  • Certified Excellence: JYH Machining company already Pass ISO9001 certification and an import/export license, we validate our dedication to quality, standards, and global operations
  • Rapid Turnaround: Using the latest in steel CNC machining and online quoting technologies, JYH produces highly accurate, quick turn machined parts in as fast as 1- 3 days.
  • Wide Material Compatibility: CNC precision machining can work with a broad range of materials, including metals, plastics, composites, and ceramics.
  • Precision: Offers high-precision tolerances ranging from +/-0.001″ – 0.005″, depending on customer needs.
  • Quality Control: CNC machines can be equipped with sensors and monitoring systems to provide real-time feedback, enhancing quality control and identifying issues early in the process.
  • Process Consistency:Uniform cutting speeds, feed rates, and tool paths maintain consistent surface finishes and part dimensions throughout the production cycle.




We have an ensuring Quality sysem for our clients

Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts With Hard Anodized / Hardness HV250 - HV 350 Service 2



Payment method


Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts With Hard Anodized / Hardness HV250 - HV 350 Service 3


Shipping way


Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts With Hard Anodized / Hardness HV250 - HV 350 Service 4



After service sales

Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts With Hard Anodized / Hardness HV250 - HV 350 Service 5



Package way



Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Parts With Hard Anodized / Hardness HV250 - HV 350 Service 6




1-What industries use JYH services?

  • We serve a variety of industries including medical device, automotive, Robot, aerospace,consumer product.


2-How many machines do you have?

  • We currently have more than 60 machines: roughly 40+ CNC mills and 30 Injection mold machine,10+ 3D printers. With our long history of growth, this number is always changing.


3-How do I get a quote?

  • To get a quote for all of our services, simply send us your 3D CAD model to us. You'll get an interactive quote within hours with free design feedback. If there are problem areas in the submitted design,we will provide free design feedback(DFM).

4-What types of files do you accept?

  • We can accept IGES (.igs), STEP (.stp), ACIS (.sat) or Parasolid (.x_t or .x_b) format.

5-Do you provide First Article of Inspection (FAI) Service?

  • We can provide FAI as part of the unlimited offer.


6-What is payment term does your company can be acceptable?

  • We can accept T/T (50% prepayment should be paid before start the production; the 50% remaining payment should be paid after finish the project).





If you need custom machined parts with complex geometries, or get end-use products in the shortest possible time,

JYH CNC Precision maching company is good enough to break through all of that and achieve your idea immediately.